Monday, August 11, 2008

Parent Participation Preschool

The Learning for Life Preschool will be a parent participation school. Some of the many benefits of the parent participation are:
• Lower preschool costs, making it more affordable.
• Higher adult/child ratio.
• Provides parents with a quality educational experience for their preschooler.
• Provides parents with the opportunity to increase their parenting skills and share information and experiences about child rearing with other like-minded parents.
• Parents are directly involved with their child's preschool experience and can make great school to home connections.

Family Choice

Your family has the choice to be a “parent/participant family” or a “non-participant family” based upon your child and your families needs. The responsibilities for a “parent/participant family” are as follows:

• A parent/guardian is required to participate in two to three duty days per month (2 days for the am session, 3 days for the pm session) for 3 hours each duty day assisting the teacher in the classroom. Duties in the classroom include helping the teacher set up activities for the day, facilitating the children's play, and cleaning up in preparation for the next day.
• To complete an Oregon Criminal History Background Check request. The results of the background check will be confidential, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
• To attend the Parent Participant Orientation Session at the beginning and middle of the school year. Any person who will parent help during the school year must attend the orientation session. Specific duty instructions will be given at this meeting.