Sunday, August 3, 2008

Learning for Life Preschool

The Learning for Life Preschool is underway! It has been a busy summer getting everything organized and set up. We are so excited to open our doors on September 9th for our first day of school.

For years there was a preschool in place at Carlton Elementary. In 2001 it was lost due to budget restrictions.
Parents, teachers and district administrators have all expressed interest in this endeavor.

May 16th, 2008- A survey was sent home with each student at Carlton Elementary School to evaluate the need for a preschool in Carlton. We immediately heard back from over 30 families in support of a preschool. At this time we knew Carlton needed a preschool.

June 16th- The Y-C school board unanimously accepted our preschool proposal. The school district is in full support of our preschool. They will be providing us with classroom space at Carlton Elementary School. In addition they are willing to provide us with costs associated with electricity, water, and custodial services.