Monday, May 4, 2009

Preschool Graduation

The Learning for Life Preschool is looking forward to celebrating our school year with a special preschool graduation.

It is scheduled for Wednesday June 3rd. This event will be held at Carlton Elementary School at 6:30 pm.

All preschoolers will participate in the graduation, not just the kids attending Kindergarten next year. It is a celebration of the many things we learned this year. The kids have been working hard on a little program to share with their parents. We hope to see you there!

In My Garden

In April, we had a lot of fun with this theme. I think the kids enjoyed digging in the dirt the most.

Some of our highlights include: Bunny Easter Egg Hunt, planting peas, worm discovery and making our worm farms, the garden wall mural, Earth Day Celebrations, recycling and litter patrol, Mr. Winky (our new class tortoise), baby chicks, making stepping stones for carnival, and much more.

What a great month at preschool!!

April Pictures