Friday, August 1, 2008

General Preschool Information

General Preschool Information

The Learning for Life Preschool will be offering two preschool classes for 2008-2009. There will be a Tues/Thurs morning session held from 8:15 am –11:00 am for 3 year olds and a Tues/Wed/Thurs afternoon session held from 12:15 pm –3:00 pm for 4 yr olds. The preschool will follow the Y-C school district calendar. We have left Mondays and Fridays off of our preschool schedule. As a result, throughout our preschool year we will have very few days with no school!

Our preschool day will be 2.75 hours. For your convenience, we have taken into consideration the start and release schedule of Carlton Elementary School. We realize that many of our preschool children will have older siblings attending the school.

You will be happy to know that Carlton Elementary is willing to make special accommodations for your family this preschool year. In working with the school, we will do our best to coordinate your child’s schedule with a sibling’s schedule. For example, if you have a 3 year old preschooler, the school is flexible in the possibility of placing your kindergartner in the am class. Let us know what will work for your family. We would like to keep all 3 year olds in the am class and 4 year olds in the pm class.

*Please note: In future years this flexibility may not be possible