Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Newsletter Items

February Theme: “Love Our Pets”

This month your child will be participating in a variety of fun and educational activities as they learn about some different animals that make good pets and how to take care of them. There will be opportunities for preschoolers to share a pet from home. This could be a stuffed pet or live pet. Please schedule a time with the classroom teacher if you have a live pet from home you would like to assist your child in sharing.

Please choose from the following dates and times.

Dates: February 24th and 26th
Times: 10:15 for am class 2:15 pm for pm class

Valentines Day:

Valentine's Day is a special time for sharing friendship and love. We will celebrate friendship with a party for Valentine's Day. On the party day, the children will play some valentine games, make a special treat for snack and take home valentines. Please have your child bring a valentine for each member of their class. I have included a class list with this newsletter. This is a great opportunity for the older kids to practice writing their names by signing the cards. Start early, and have them sign one or two a day. The valentines go home in a valentine mailbox that each child will make at preschool.

Our Valentines Day party is Thursday, February 12th. Parents should plan to stay a few extra minutes at the start of preschool to help their child distribute the valentines into the mailboxes.

February Fundamentals

Letters: Dd, Tt, Xx
Number: 7
Colors: Pink and White
Shape: Heart

Mrs. Guinea: Classroom Pet

Mrs. Guinea will arrive in our classroom on Tuesday, February 3rd. It will be a great opportunity to teach the kids pet care first hand . Mrs. Guinea will need to exercise in her ball, be fed, and her cage will need weekly cleaning. The kids will take turns caring for her.

February Guests

We are in the process of scheduling a few special guest to our preschool this month. Office Hoff and his police dog will be coming to our school on Tuesday February 17th. They will teach us about dog care, dog training, and the important job of a police dog.

Mini Field Trip

The kids will have an opportunity to visit a farm in Carlton. Samantha’s family (afternoon class) has many pets out on their farm. Her family has offered us the chance to ride their pony and learn how to care for it. Parents are encouraged to attend this day for safety and travel purposes. If you cannot attend, we can make arrangements for your child to stay at preschool with a teacher or travel in a teacher’s car. Each parent will be required to sign a permission slip and liability waiver for their child. The law requires all children to be in carseats. Please discuss needed arrangements with your classroom teacher. We are in the process of securing a date for this. I will send out an email and flier when it is scheduled.

Class Sharing:

Thank you to Nora for organizing this program. You should have received a letter home explaining how our share time works. Each child is assigned a specific day of the week to share. The letter included some ideas of things to bring, as well as, the importance of participating in a preschool share time. Please help your child remember their share day.

Tuesdays– Damon, Sam, Virginia, Hannah, Brady, Romy, Aubrey, and Arrow

Wednesdays– Andrew, Mikayla, Spencer, Kaydence, Garett, Madeline, and Dean

Thursdays– Hunter, Mariana, Bryce, and Samantha

Nursery Rhyme Time:

Mother Goose came to our preschool! (aka Miss Debbie) The kids learned all about Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Hickory Dickory, Hey Diddle Diddle, and many more of our favorite nursery rhymes. I recently attended a early child literacy training that emphasized the importance of teaching young children nursery rhymes. We have had great fun acting these out. One of our favorite activites was the search for Humpty Dumpty’s missing pieces. We had clues to find in the library, office, cafeteria, and in our reading buddies homeroom. The kids wore their crowns, dressed as the King’s men, and hunted down the pieces. We were able to put him back together again with the help of a few band aides.

Thank you to Hannah Hurty (pm class) and her sister Gracie (Mrs. Sisto’s class) for a great performance. During our week of Hey Diddle Diddle, these two girls came and played their fiddle. I also brought in my very old violin from childhood and the kids took turns playing it. We also jumped over the moon, laughed like dogs, and pretended to be the dish who ran away with the spoon.

We had so much fun with Mother Goose. The children brought home many projects to help them remember the nursery rhymes. We compiled a color book full of popular nursery rhymes. Each child should be bringing it home. Please take the time to continue reviewing these with your child.

Writing Center:

We have added a writing center to our discovery time. At this center the kids have an opportunity to explore different writing tools. The kids can write letters to friends, family, or work on writing their names. We have a classroom mail chart for delivering letters to friends in the classroom.

Reading Buddies:

We love Mrs. Fjellands 2nd graders! Every Wednesday their class comes to our class and reads to our preschoolers. Each child is paired up with a buddy. It is fun to watch the kids get very excited to see their new buddies. They love this.