Thursday, April 1, 2010

Down on the Farm

Got Milk? Where did the milk come from? This month the preschoolers will learn the answer to this question and much more about life on a farm. We have a lot planned for the kids this month including a field trip to a local farm. The kids will participate in many “farm themed” educational based activities in the classroom. We will finish out the year with a market set up in our dramatic play area. The train center has been converted into a farm center. Dr. Miller (local dentist) has donated a large wooden barn with animals to our preschool.

This month the preschoolers will also make their own butter, have fun with western week, celebrate Earth Day, Easter Egg Hunt, and participate in National Library Day. Don’t be surprised if they come home chanting:
“Click-Clack Moo, Clickity-Clack Moo”.

We are also looking forward to one of our favorite books, “The Three Little Pigs”. Preschoolers love acting this one out.

Happy Farming!