Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome Back!!

Thanks for your flexibility as our last week of school was cancelled. We got so much snow! Our family really enjoyed sledding, making snowmen, hot cocoa, and the extra time to play together. I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays! I missed your kids….I’m excited to get back into our routine with preschool.

Extended Preschool Year

We have decided to extend our preschool year by one week to make up for our lost time in December. Our last day of preschool will now be June 4th. You will not owe any tuition in June. Your December payment will cover this week of school.

January Fundamentals

Letters: I, N, Y
Number: 6
Color: Blue & White
Shape: Crescent (moon)

Nursery Rhyme Time

Welcome Mother Goose to our preschool! This month, the kids will be learning all about Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Hickory Dickory, Hey Diddle Diddle, and many more of our favorite nursery rhymes. I recently attended a early child literacy training that emphasized the importance of teaching young children nursery rhymes. I have included an article with this newsletter.

Early Literacy

Our goal is to develop a love of books in each child at our preschool. It is important to provide our children with the tools, resources, and skills needed to promote reading. We want to make this a positive experience for each child! Learning to read and write begins years before your child enters school. You are your child’s first--and most important--teacher. The time you spend talking to and reading with your child will help him or her get the best possible start and be ready to learn to read. It is important that your home has the tools needed to prepare your child.