Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Community Helpers

This month we have been learning all about our community helpers, including…librarian, police office, mailman, crossing guard, fireman, etc.

We set up a post office in the preschool for the kids. They have had fun taking turns dressing up like the mailman and delivering the mail. Throughout the day the kids can draw pictures, write letters to other members of the class. They can even purchase (with play money) a one cent stamp. This has been fun.

Next week, the real mailman is coming to preschool to get letters the kids will mail home. On the 21st the firemen will be coming to teach the kids about fire safety and allow them to sit up in the fire truck. The kids also spent sometime this month practicing street safety. We took them up to the crosswalk and the crossing guard showed them how to safely cross a street. The police officer is coming today to teach the kids some basic safety too. He is going to finger print the kids. It should be fun!